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Katherine Bragdon, the founder of Active Roots Consulting, became a passionate advocate for volunteer signature gathering drives after repeatedly witnessing firsthand the far-reaching benefits of using volunteer petitioners.  She believes that the volunteer base is the heart and soul of an initiative, which keeps giving long after the electorate has cast their vote.

Her expertise and positive outlook on grassroots efforts comes from extensive initiative experience. Katherine has personally gathered over 20,000 signatures and supervised campaigns that collectively gathered over 1.7 million signatures with volunteers.

While working for Wayne Pacelle, now CEO for The Humane Society of the United States, Katherine managed successful animal protection ballot initiatives in Colorado in 1992, Oregon in 1994, and Washington in 1996. These campaigns were especially noteworthy as each of these signature gathering efforts were all-volunteer in states where such an approach is rare.

Katherine was later hired by The Humane Society of the United States as the Director of Ballot Campaigns. It is in this capacity that she supervised the 2000 Washington State initiative that banned recreational trapping and the 2002 Florida factory farming initiative. Both initiatives passed with a strong majority vote.

In 2003, she supervised a Maine initiative to ban the baiting, hounding, and trapping of black bears for sport. Under her guidance, the volunteer force collected over 103,000 signatures doubling the requisite number of signatures and breaking Maine’s statewide signature record.

In January 2004, Katherine launched Active Roots Consulting to assist progressive campaigns with volunteer signature gathering drives. Based on her twenty years of initiative experience, she has developed a unique and proven system for grassroots petition drives. For further information about Active Roots Consulting, please contact Katherine at (206) 999-5993 or katherine@activeroots.biz.




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